Why Your Most Important Launch Tool Is Your Email List

So many beginner marketers who have grand ideas of doing a launch and making huge
boatloads of money after they’ve spent months and months developing a product,
course or an app, seem to be utterly disappointed when come launch day.. nobody
has a clue what they are up to. This is a pretty common scenario usually due to
the marketer engaging in whats otherwise known as hope marketing. What is hope
marketing? It’s when you subscribe to the idea that if you just build it.. they
will come. Once upon a time, when there was barely anyone using the internet and
the amount of things to do online was very limited in scope, this could have worked
but in this day and age.. this is the path to complete and utter humilating failure.

Never ever ever rely on hope marketing. Always have a plan and always be planning
to build an email list so that when launch day comes, you can immediately start
sending them the news that you’re about to go live with the product and then they
can immediately buy or download, or whatever. This is the literal difference between
absolute success and absolute failure. In fact, you should actually probably start
letting them know and prepping them (or otherwise known as warming them up), weeks
before launch. You email them at least several times before hand letting them know
that the day is almost coming, you need to start the hype machine and start generating
anticipation so that by the time that launch day comes.. they will be literally
salivating to get their hands on your offerings.

This is the way to properly do a good launch. By prepping and planning and getting
them excited weeks (if not months) before hand. Always create a hype-system so that
you’re all ready to generate sales immediately the day launch comes. Thats why
having an email list is the most important thing you can do.

Now how do you build an email list before you even have a product? Well simply by
just creating a landing page that has a headline that says something along the lines
of “XYZ product will benefit your lift by <blah blah blah insert benefit here>, get
on the waiting list and we will notify you as soon as we launch”, and make it very
enticing and they will start opting in out of sheer curiosity. And if they actually
do need what you have to offer, you can bet they will be opting in.

So once your optin page is created, what now? How do you get people to come to your
page? Well this is also quite simple, you get onto social media, and you create a
fan page and you start inviting as many people as humanly possible to come visit
it and then you start posting regularly to get people excited about it. That’s how
they start visiting your page, and that’s how you start the hype machine and basically
get started with very little money. Just remember to always build your list before
you launch your product and your launches will always be a smashing success.